10 Ways My iPhone helps me manage my auction company.

Smartphones are centerpieces of our daily lives. It keeps us connected to other people as well as the information that is most important to us. My iPhone helps me manage my auction company, and here’s how:

Calling & Text Messaging

This is one of the most basic functions of my iPhone, but it still remains one of the most crucial. Being in contact with my employees at all times is a must. Through calls and texts I am able to make deals, close deals, sell an item, buy an item, and so much more.


All of the most important conversations pertaining to my business happen through email. I am consistently in a position where I have to respond to an email in a timely manner. Having my buisness email at my fingertips means I am never going to miss any important message that needs attention.



I am constantly going out to new sites and need to arrive at locations I have never been to. Also, my arrival must be punctual. Google Maps is a tool that I use all the time to give me up to date navigation that always makes sure I am taking the most efficient route to my destination.



I often have items that need to get into my active online auction. Using the Wavebid Mobile Cataloging App I can quickly add items to my sale and get them posted online immediately. This Application also helps me generate lots that have more photos and better descriptions since I can do it conveniently from my phone.

Checking auction result

Often times I am not at my computer when my online auctions close. I love the ability to log into Wavebid and pull my latest auction info so that I can see the results of my sale. It lets me be aware of any buyers I have to contact about a particular item.


Taking notes becomes really important for me whenever I have an idea for a great way to market my sale, need to make a to-do list, or need to get something down for reference later.



My calendar changes from day to day and is always full. I love being able to integrate both my work and personal calendars as a tool to help me manage my schedule. Often times I would have missed a meeting if it wasn’t for my phone reminding me.


My job involves traveling and often being in situations where my hands are too dirty to touch my phone. SIRI offers me the ability to interact with my phone while I am on the road or working on an auction site. I consistently receive emails and messages that I respond to with SIRI. It is also great for whenever I need to set a reminder for myself.


I am often in meetings or at engagements where I can not take care of an incoming task. I use reminders to make sure that tasks do not get lost in my busy schedule, and I am able to know what tasks I still have left to accomplish for a day.

Social Media Applications(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

An important part of running an Auction Company is having a social media presence. It is always beneficial for me to be able to add that last minute post sending people to my online auction or advertising my items.