Before cloud-based software became ubiquitous in the business place, document templates saved on your computer were somewhat of a necessary evil. But then along came Dropbox and Google Docs, revolutionizing the way that businesses organize and share information within the company. Standing on the backs of those giants, Wavebid offers The Next Big Thing™ in file-sharing built specifically for auctioneers.

Wavebid is proud to introduce Doc Builder, The Next Big Thing™.  Now, without further ado, here are three documents you need to stop writing out right now.


business-documents1) Auction Proposals –

These pesky documents are time consuming and, because the auctioneer and his staff are usually so busy, will often be riddled with errors. Even with a perfect routine, an auction proposal can still take several hours to complete. DocBuilder gets it done in minutes. Enter information once and watch as the document completes itself, creating a completely unique and error free proposal. Never again forget to change the auction address or the date!


2) Seller Contracts –

Perhaps less time consuming, but nonetheless universally necessary, seller contracts can be automatically generated with DocBuilder. When preparing for a sale, an auctioneer and his team may process one, five, or sometimes as many as 30 different seller contracts. The time spent creating these adds up, but Wavebid’s unique system eliminates that time-sink. By simply typing in the seller’s information once, the user can create a completely customized document for the seller, requiring only the signature be filled in. Then, with the signature in place, scan and upload the PDF into Wavebid. Never lose a document again.


3) Property Information Packets –

Ugghhh. Anyone who has ever auctioned real estate knows the absolute pain in the a** PIPs are. These documents, often 40 or 50 pages long are a hassle to put together, a hassle to proof read, and just generally miserable to have to do. No one looks forward to making a PIP, but by using DocBuilder the pain goes away. After scanning all of the independent reports, dispensations, foreclosure notices, and other necessary documents you collect, simply drag and drop the PDFs as well as all the photos you took of the property into DocBuilder and it will seamlessly format and organize the document. All text, headers, names, and even the Table of Contents is automatically generated by DocBuilder for you. Never again misplace page three of the water & well registration form


These three are perhaps the worst time-sinks in the business, but they are only the beginning.  You can create custom templates for any number of documents. We at Wavebid use DocBuilder religiously for forms and contracts. It has dramatically increased efficiency for us, and it will for your business as well. How will you save time? What waste can you eliminate with Wavebid?


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