Collecting and tracking taxes can be challenging for even the most seasoned auctioneers.  There are forms to fill out, exemption certificates to track and invoices to update.  Wavebid  offers a toolset which makes managing the tax collection process faster and more accurate. The Auction Management Software is designed to simplify the entire process.  Some auctioneers have reported saving hours per auction using our tools for tax reporting.


With Wavebid  you can…

  • Set up unlimited tax rates and tax codes to properly identify the correct amounts for complex reports.
  • Generate tax reports by Date, Auction, Date Range, State and more.
  • Print Tax Exempt Forms for sellers that are pre-filled with their info.
  • Update tax status on invoices in seconds.
  • Chang tax rate or exempt status for single items on an invoice.
  • Set or change tax rate at the invoice level.
  • Update a bidder profile with a permanent tax status.
  • Store a signed tax exempt form for qualified bidders.


Wavebid is cloud based, so it is always up-to-date and backed up.  You can work from anywhere and don’t have to worry about data loss.  If you dread managing the taxes for your auction company, it’s time to look at Wavebid.  The Auction Management Software is designed to make the process more manageable.  The tools are designed for the auction industry by auctioneers looking to solve the same problems you are having today.