Bidspotter provides one of the best platforms to sell industrial assets at auction online. There are literally thousands of shoppers looking at auctions for their next big purchase.  How well the items are presented online has a major impact on selling prices.  Bidspotter provides the audience but it is up to the auctioneer to turn them into bidders.   Without investing any additional time to the cataloging process you can improve your listings on Bidspotter using Wavebid.  Better listings will generate more interest and higher prices.

Here is how:

1) Display photos with thumbnails

Instead of having a long list of full size photos using Wavebid you can now create thumbnail displays so buyers can click on a thumbnail and see the full size image.  Now all your photos can appear before the description and buyers don’t have to scroll down the page.Image

2) Eliminate the paragraph descriptions

Buyers love long descriptions but hate reading them in paragraph form.  Using Wavebid you can format your descriptions so they look more like a quote and less like a newspaper article.


3) Add a Video

Confident bidders pay more and there is no better way to build confidence then embedding a video of the item you are selling right into the lot.  Using Wavebid you can easily add a video to any lot in less than a minute.  Most online buyers will pay more for an item they can see and hear working versus an item with just a photo.  Using Wavebid you can add videos in less than a minute.


4) Add a PDF

You can attach an inventory, sales literature, maintenance records or anything else as a PDF.  Now you can get vital information to bidders quickly and easily.


5) Use Templates for Major Items

Chose from over 350 templates to ensure your site crew never leaves out an important detail when selling a major capital asset.  There are templates for Construction, Agriculture, Industrial, Food Processing & more.


Bidspotter is a great place to sell assets online.  If you are serious about getting the most out of your online auctions you should be using Wavebid in conjunction with Bidspotter.  They system is easy to use and fast to learn.  For less than the cost of a classified ad, Wavebid will improve your auctions.  For more information please visit or email