I’d definitely say that working in the auction industry comes with a few perks. One of those is the opportunity to travel all over the country. Whether I am going to a convention, or a client’s auction, I am often on the go. It is absolutely necessary for me to have a mobile office, given the nature of my transient work. Recently, it dawned on me that if I wasn’t working for a company that uses auction software, my mobile office would be so much more difficult to set-up and use.


Earlier this week, I was travelling home from the 2017 National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show. Since I travel for work quite a lot, it was incredibly useful to be able to work while on the plane.  Normally, flights are something that I have to write off as lost time. However, thanks to the flexibility of our software, I am always plugged in!


What was some of the work that I was able to get done? Well, I went through a set of photos that my coworker had just uploaded from our mobile app that same afternoon. This included things like changing the photo order and making minor edits to the catalog.


As I was making these changes, the entire Wavebid team [back at the office] received all of the updates immediately. While enduring my three hour flight time, I was able to launch an export and run an auction on one of our testing platforms. I even wrote this blog on Google Drive and then shared it with the Wavebid editor when I was finished. It was received immediately.


The ability to do what I did is why cloud-based software is such a useful and practical solution for businesses. Many public internet options block certain ports that can affect things like remote desktops.They do this to avoid these apparatuses being used on a limited bandwidth network.


Blocked ports and slow speeds also affect the usability of remote desktops more, as remote desktops have more requirements than cloud-based software does. This means that with a remote desktop, you run the risk of having to work in offline mode. Then, you have to wait until you arrive at a destination that allows you to access your remote desktop. Although you did get some work done on the plane, you still have work yet.


Overall, I have saved so much time with Wavebid since it is a cloud-based software. Inside of seeing travel as a wasted opportunity, I can treat the airplane as a mobile office. Being able to genuinely use Wavebid anywhere I want has given me back weeks of time. These are weeks otherwise have cut into my family time, or kept me from moving onto the next project at work. If you want to see how Wavebid can do the same for you, contact us here.