These days there is an expectation that information and content be available at a moments notice, just by picking up a mobile phone or tablet.  It has become crucial that businesses both make themselves available on these devices, as well as utilize the technology themselves in order to stay current and competitive.  So let’s talk about some ways that mobile technology can help you as an auctioneer.



Your website represents your company; it is the core of your online profile. It’s no secret that more and more business is being done online, and potential buyers and sellers alike are going to use your website to learn about you and your company. Your online profile–your website–is your first and best shot at attracting new clientele. As a result, it is crucial that your website be both visually appealing and easily navigable.

A mobile-friendly website design is icing on the cake. If done right, prospective clients can view your website at any time and from anywhere and it will look just as great as it would on a full desktop computer. Having an up-to-date website that is mobile-friendly can mean the difference between a good-enough sale and a great sale.


Auction Software

If your auction software doesn’t give you the flexibility to quickly pick up a tablet and clerk or catalog an item using nothing more than your mobile device, then it’s already behind the curve. Cataloging and clerking on mobile devices grants adaptability and speed, two important qualities to have in an auction team. Adaptability helps you and your team handle problems easily and streamline the setup and wrap-up of your sales, freeing up your time and allowing you to do more.

Appearance and presentation are key. Clutter and mess are environmental stressors that adversely affect the mentality of an individual. Decluttering your space will help to put buyers at ease. When they’re comfortable, they are more likely stay and more likely to bid. Throw out your cables. Cables are messy, a pain to set up, a pain to work around, and with current cloud-based technology are rendered completely unnecessary.


Personal Devices

Much like your website, your personal devices and computers are an advertisement of yourself. A new laptop not only enables you to bring your business with you everywhere, it shows that you are always prepared. A modern cell phone is your Rolodex, calendar, and business phone all wrapped into one and will keep you tapped into the information needed to run a successful business. Tablets and other mobile technology are a middle ground between cell phone and laptop, offering the portability of a laptop and the convenience of a cell phone. Modern tech shows that you are forward-thinking and adaptable, two critical attributes in a fast-paced industry that is increasingly dominated by technology.


Moving forward

This little article is just a jumping off point for you, it’s just the beginning. We’ve covered just a few of the basic points that we could think of that would help you evolve and successfully grow your auction company into the technology-focused environment the business world operates within. Change is always difficult, but there are a lot of tools out there to ease the transition.