Every item you list in an online auction should include all the information a buyer needs to make a decision.  What is that information, you ask? Keep reading. Here’s what I have learned after selling over $50,000,000 in online auctions.


1)    Detailed Pictures

Photos sell items.  A single photo is not enough detail for a three dimensional item.  Based on the value of the item, taking 5-15 photos should provide enough detail.  Approach from all angles to provide a complete panoramic view, then zoom in and photo important details.  If your item includes a serial number plate or VIN Plate, always photograph that.


2)    Detailed Descriptions

Photos sell items, but descriptions give the buyer the confidence to bid.  Make, model and serial number are a great place to start with every item. Provide as many facts as is reasonable, and avoid subjective language if you can. A detailed description also serves to widen your exposure in search engines by yielding more returns in keyword searches.


3)    Easy Registration and Bidding

Getting a buyer to bid means making it easy.  Make registration fast and simple to understand.  Adding additional steps to protect yourself will cost you buyers in the long run.  Also make sure ending dates and producers are easy to find.


4)    Payment Options

A key piece of information is payment instructions.  Make sure they are easy to find and convenient for the bidder. 


5)    Shipping/ Removal Instructions

You can’t make a buying decision unless you know the cost and how you’ll get your items.  If you offer shipping (hurray for you) make sure the process is easy to execute for a winning bidder.  A shipping calculator is a great way to remove doubt.  Also make sure removal hours are in the best interest of your buyers, not the interest of your personal schedule.


6)    Videos!

Videos are thrilling; people fall in love with things that move.  A classic car, a model railroad engine, even a pocket watch will all benefit from a video showing the item in operation.  Buying at auction generally means buying “as-is”, so a video goes a long way increasing confidence in the item value.



By providing the six pieces of information above, your buyer will have the confidence to not only make a decision, but to bid and bid high!


Wavebid is software that makes the cataloging process slick, making it easier to add more photos, detailed descriptions, all of the six elements talked about today. Check us out at www.wavebid.com or e-mail info@wavebid.com.