We are super excited for the Conference and Show next week in Columbus, Ohio! This is the time of year when we get to show off our latest tools, chat with old friends, and make new ones. We want to see everyone stop by the Wavebid booth because we are proud of all the tools we can offer to the auction industry. So, here are a few reasons why you should stop by!

See Our New Tools

We have spent a whole year improving Wavebid. We have refined our existing tools. We’ve built some new ones. We’re really excited to show you how they can accelerate the auction process. We promise there is something that your business needs. Whether it is our Title Tracking feature, or the newest version of  our mobile app, our goal is to help every auctioneer become more efficient and more successful! We can’t wait to show off these features at the Conference and Show!

Meet Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson has spent many years in the auction industry. During that time, he has developed a unique ability to recognize and solve problems that an auction company may be experiencing. He excels at designing a solution that best fits their current model. Stop by during the Conference and Show to pick his brain and see what solutions he has for your business!

Get a Nerd’s Advice (Talk to Jeremy Hamel)

Wavebid is a company made up of software nerds, auction enthusiasts, and those rare people who are a mixture of both. No one fits that last description better than Jeremy Hamel. Between his industry knowledge and technical skillset, there is not a topic that he can’t handle. Come by and try to stump him. Seriously. His head is getting too big.

Auction Services

Last year, Wavebid acquired Auction Services. Auction Services is a business that specializes in website creation and marketing for the auction industry. That means that we now have a whole new category of tools that we can offer an auction company. Anything from assisting with Search Engine Optimization to building a mobile friendly website to enhance your online profile.


We love coming to Conference and Show! We love spending time with the auctioneers that make our jobs possible. It can get lonely being cooped up in our Minneapolis office all by ourselves. However, once a year we get to actually meet the people we talk to on the phone. We get to put a face to a name. We get to shake a hand or two like they did in the “good ole days”. Come by and say hi! We’re eager to see you.