At an event last month I came face to face with a 1970’s manual credit card imprinting machine which was being used to inscribe the raised letters of my credit card onto a receipt.  I was both puzzled why someone would use technology that was being replaced when I was still in diapers and mildly annoyed this company was using technology that took what felt like forever.

Everyone has heard the expression If you are standing still, you are falling behind.  While most auctioneers have evolved past the imprinting machines to take credit cards, there are countless examples of handwritten forms that could be printed instead.  While there are exceptions to every rule I can only imagine a banker or judge would have a reaction like the one I had with the credit card imprinter if she was shown a handwritten auction settlement or appraisal.

The Auction Management Software (AMS) built by Wavebid includes easy to master tools that make handwriting many forms a thing of the past.   When you print a form not only does it look better, but in most cases it saves time.  A buy/sell agreement can be generated and printed in Wavebid in less time than the seller could write their address.   Settlements can be automatically calculated.  Sales tax exemption forms can be printed with all the buyer information already filled out.  Virtually any form that uses auction data can be created and then automatically filled out using Wavebid.
Paper isn’t going away anytime soon, but the way people look at it is evolving.  Wavebid offers a simple solution to this growing concern.  Keep your buyers happy, stay up-to-date, and maintain the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.