Keywords are powerful tools that an auction company can use in order to generate more organic digital traffic. They are specific phrases that you establish that will allow search engines to rank your business higher and more visibly when search results are returned. Generating a keyword cloud and strategically implementing it into the content of your website can be the spark that gives you an advantage over your competition.


Here are a few tips to get you started:


Know your starting point


First, you need to understand what traffic you currently have and where it is coming from. This is very important for generating a strategic plan going forward.

Things you will want to have:

  • Google Analytics with historical data
  • Your current keyword cloud (contact us here for a free SEO report with keyword cloud)
  • Your competitors’ keywords (optional)

Look through your Google Analytics and identify where your traffic is coming from. How much of your traffic is organic? How much is paid [from digital marketing]?

Then, analyze your current keywords. Are your keywords targeting buyers and sellers? Do you have a comprehensive message that involves all services you offer?

Now, use your keywords and compare them to that of your competitors. How do your competitors target buyers and sellers? Capitalize on the same keywords to compete in search results.


Understand the Value of a Keyword Cloud


Tools such as Google Adwords and Google Trends will help you identify how people search for businesses like yours. For example, try this search. See if “consignment sale” is searched more in your area than “auction.” If it is, it would make sense to include that as part of your keyword cloud. You should always make sure to adjust your desired cloud to take advantage of these nuances.


Constantly Analyze and Adjust


Whenever you run a set of keywords for a decided period of time, you should always adjust your content to what is working. Don’t be afraid to try something new. For instance, you notice that you  are generating traffic from “Asset Liquidation in Lincoln Nebraska.” So, you’d want to double down on that. Since it is working, it makes sense to emphasize that phrase. Be sure to generate a lot of content that includes that phrase.



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