At Wavebid we have had mobile clerking for years. It’s very comforting knowing that, should something unexpected happen in the middle of a sale, I can quickly open up my Android or iPad tablet and keep clerking.

Clerking on a mobile device comes down to preference. Keyboards have been around for a very long time and can be less prone to error in certain hands, but at the same time, predictive typing technology on mobile has progressed greatly in recent years.

Personally, being that I am a 22 year old nerd and have always loved adapting to the latest technology, I love using my tablet to clerk a sale or catalog an auction.

My preference has always been to use my tablet to clerk an auction because I am just as comfortable with a virtual keyboard as I am with a physical. If you still want to use your tablet to clerk and you are not fluent with a virtual keyboard you can always get a bluetooth keyboard to supplement mobile technology.

I use an HTC Nexus 9 running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I have a bluetooth keyboard to accompany my device, but I only use it when I have a large amount of data entry, or I am typing up lengthy emails.

Additionally, showing your buyers and potential sellers that you clerk on a mobile device can separate you from the competition.



Things to consider when switching to mobile clerking:

  • Get a device that has good computing power. There is no room for lagging hardware which can slow down your auction. Most modern devices will be just fine, but don’t be surprised if you get poor performance with a $50 Android tablet from walmart.
  • Remove unnecessary applications from the device. Notifications reminding you to play Angry Birds or to check your facebook messages can be distracting and negatively affect the performance of your device.
  • Use the best browser that you have available on your device. For Android it is Chrome and for IOS devices it is either Safari or Chrome.
  • Many tablets have a battery life that can last through your sale, but if yours doesn’t, make sure you have an external battery pack handy for when you are running low on juice.
  • Get a case for your device. This will not only protect your investment, but it will keep your device clean during the dirtiest of auctions.
  • Set the display timeout so that the screen is not constantly turning off for your clerk. You want to make sure the screen will not shut off between lots.
  • Set a password! Security is everything in this industry. Not having a secure password, or a password at all, can compromise your company’s most sensitive data. As an auctioneer you are responsible for the information you possess, be sure to secure it.
  • Practice! You can’t learn to be efficient on a virtual keyboard overnight. If you have somebody who has only used physical keyboards for clerking, you have to be sure that you give them the opportunity to get comfortable with a new way of doing things.
  • Catalog your sales. Using tools like the Wavebid Mobile Cataloging App you can quickly catalog your auction. This means that the clerk will not have to enter descriptions for the items, which will increase efficiency and accuracy.



Fortunately, being that Wavebid is a cloud-based software program, if anything goes wrong with your mobile device you can just hop on another and pick up where you left off.  Remember why you are using a tablet – to be mobile, and to stay connected. Being connected is crucial and these are the tools that allow you to do so.

If you want to see how mobile clerking can work with your auction company email to get a live demo.