Wavebid is integrated with the auction industry’s top online bidding platforms, making it simple to manage online auctions.

Wavebid is used by a variety of auctioneers and for all types of auctions; live, online, and simulcast. In this blog we wanted to take a look at how our tools work for auctioneers who do online-only sales.


The Proposal

Wavebid’s Proposal Builder tool allows an auctioneer to quickly and easily generate a personalized auction proposal. Building an online-only proposal is as simple as selecting the proper building blocks and entering the proper information into designated fields to make the document specific to that particular deal. This is a crucial element of the auction business and Wavebid helps accelerate the process.



For an online-only sale, it is critical to have a thorough catalog which offers all the necessary content that buyers require. Wavebid has built many tools to make this process as efficient as possible so you don’t have to skimp on photographs or description content. It’s so simple that you can even get your entire catalog completed with nothing more than a mobile phone.



As your catalog starts to form you can dynamically export to the bidding platform of your choice. This means you can focus on your most high valued items first and get them online while you are continuing to build the rest of the catalog. No need to wait until it is all complete to get the bidding started.



Invoicing online buyers is a breeze. Simply import the results and buyers into your Wavebid auction and email out all invoices. From there you can either have your buyers enter their credit card to pay or you can have they can settle up in person at the given check-out date. Since our system is cloud based you can see the moment that a buyer pays for their items.



Post sale reporting is a breeze. All of your seller settlement, tax summary, reconciliation, and auction summary reports are automatically generated. These can be easily searched and organized by keywords, lot number, buyer, seller, or any variable that is pertinent. Export your data into a spreadsheet or print with the click of a button. The Wavebid system also allows for you to run reports across multiple auctions so you can generate numbers by a time period, geography, or auction category.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Wavebid is a robust suite of tools that can help any auctioneer, big or small, succeed in the online realm. For more information check out www.wavebid.com