Online Auctions – Where does the new  Hypernet take us? It makes it possible for bidders to access your auctions from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, it allows you to manage and run your auction business in new ways.

Only 5 years ago, Microsoft Windows ran on over 95% of Internet-connected devices.  Basically, smart phones were not even web capable and there were no tablets .  Navigation of the Internet was simple –  there was the PC with a browser and windowed interface, some applications and access via a single worldwide web with linked pages indexed primarily by Google.

The iPhone changed everything. We are now in a new paradigm.  Apple transformed the mobile phone from a carrier-centric device that made calls and handled e-mails to an always-on computer ecosystem with a new way to access the web.  Others followed –  Google and now Microsoft have created alternative post-PC ecosystems and the race is on.

That Apple changed the smart phone market is well understood.  But the more important and subtle change has been that the new devices that we have put into our pockets and purses have changed the fundamental architecture of the Internet.

This change is being labeled the Hypernet.  The Hypernet is the physical infrastructure that results from combining the Internet with cellular and WiFi. 

Leveraging the Hypernet architecture, the Hyperweb moves past browsers and pages

The potential of an architecture that merges the Internet plus cellular plus WiFi is bigger then just the web – it will change the way we interact with digital products and services. 

More precisely, the Hyperweb is the new user experiences enabled by a world of billions of tiny tiny computers (smartphones) connected to millions of clouds.  What does this mean for you? Your customer is now always on – always available to bid. Either on your auction or someone else’s that is available. Are you actively listing your upcoming deals? Are you delivering the goods to where these customer now live and operate – on the Hyperweb?