At Wavebid and Auction Inc, we are constantly looking for ways to improve all the steps and processes that are necessary to put on a well-executed and successful auction. Education and training on how to use auction-industry relevant tools are core mission statements of both companies. They’re also an integral part of who we are as employees. And, let’s be honest: human beings in general. What happens when you combine a room full of auctioneer buffs and nerds of all types? Well, we’re still figuring it out, but it sure is interesting, that’s for sure.

So, anyway, we’d thought we’d share a fun and easy-to-use tip that really makes a difference in your marketing campaign for Facebook auction pages. This tip is…dun dun dun: photo collage editors!

The best part? Photo collage editors are free! These sorts of apps are a dime a dozen. Therefore, you should never have to pay for this service. There really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t be advertising your lots by using a photo collage editor. The reason why a photo collage of your lots is such an effective Facebook marketing tool is that it provides a much better representation of what you’re selling.

Below, you can see three different lots from the same auction. Each photo collage represents a set of items that occupy three distinct themes: office equipment, lighting equipment, , and restaurant equipment. By having only three photos [but ensuring that they are all photo collages!], this auctioneer was able to effectively communicate the wide variety of items for sale in their auction. In short, photo collages on your Facebook auction pages allow your potential buyers to visually and mentally take in a well-organized and vast array of items up for auction. This in turn will drive bidder engagement and vastly increase your profit! 

Image 1: Office Equipment

Theme: Office Equipment

Image 3: Restaurant Equipment

Theme: Restaurant Equipment


Image 2: Lighting Equipment

Theme: Lighting Equipment







Below I’ve listed a few examples of various photo collage editor programs. This list is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the available options, nor are we trying to rank or promote one app over another. Instead, we’re providing examples of various sources through which you can select your ideal program. Since we at Wavebid and Auction Services have such a vast array of clientele with so many different needs, we care more about flexibility and integration than lines in the sand. Always remember to pick what works best for you and your team!


Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service that has limited editing capabilities. Jeremy Hamel of Wavebid had this to say about the app:


I sync my Wavebid Mobile Cataloging app up to my Google Photos account so that Google will  automatically create collages for me. They also have a lot of great tools for putting items together.”


Beneficial features include the fact that Google Photos is supported on computers, the Chrome browser, Android-powered phones, and iPhones & iPads. Google Photos is also synchronized to your Google account, so this feature is especially beneficial if your team already uses Google Drive to share files and information. It makes uploading incredibly easy! Click here to view a Google support tutorial in order to make a photo collage on either of the platforms that Google Photos supports (be advised that for some of the platforms you will need to download the free Google app if you have not already done so). is an example of a browser based photo editor. It’s for people who enjoy getting their work done at desktops and laptops and who prefer absolute simplicity. It’s very user friendly, and great for people who don’t want to register for new services or download new apps.


Photo Collage Editors in Mac App Store


These apps are especially useful if you use an Iphone or Ipad and like to get a lot of work done on your mobile phone. When choosing the best app for you, it helps to read the reviews about the apps that are listed in the store, along with the app. In my opinion, there are enough high-quality, free photo editor apps in the Mac App Store. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to pay for an app. Unless, of course, you find one with features that you really like. Then, it’s up to you!


Android Apps on Google Play


Much like the Mac App Store, these apps are especially useful for working-on-the-go. The only difference, of course, is which phone you use determines which app store you have access to. However, it’s not uncommon for developers to release the same app on the two platforms. (*cough*Wavebid*cough*) Since Google and Android are already so well-integrated, it’s up to you and your team to decide if there are beneficial features unique to apps that Google Photos does not already have. As with the Mac App Store programs, it’s helpful to read the reviews before deciding on an app, and there are plenty of free options.




Finally, if you have an incredibly graphic-design savvy employee hanging out on your team, you can go one step further and use an image manipulation program! This sort of software should be familiar to you – think Adobe Photoshop – but the twist is there are quite a few free, open-source options out there! One well-respected version is Gimp. These programs are incredibly robust: They allow you to edit your photos like a true professional. Therefore, this probably the most useful program if you have a need to edit images beyond making a simple photo collage.


Are there any auctioneers out there who are already using photo collage editors to manage their Facebook auction pages, and if so, which ones? Give us a Facebook mention by commenting on our page or giving us an @Wavebid shout-out to let us know!