As a company, we have two main passions here at Wavebid: technology, and using technology to support people in the auction industry. Hey, it might be a fairly specific passion, but it’s what keeps us going. Those dual passions are what led us to creating Appraisal Builder Pro (ABP) back in 2015.


ABP is quite simply a miracle product for the professional appraiser. It was created after Russ Hilk, CEO of Wavebid, sought to create a tool exclusively for personal property appraisers. After 15 years’ experience of commercial and industrial appraisals, he wanted a product that could streamline the process, offer better inventory control, and be stored digitally on the cloud. That way, you could use it almost anywhere. He wanted a system that would save time with each valuation. So, Russ worked with Michael Long to create that product. The result was Appraisal Builder Pro.


Michael Long, CTO of Wavebid, has decades of experience in the development, implementation, and management of technology solutions. It is his policy to produce quality tools which are truly effective for users. He only offers absolute consistency and security. Since he specializes in web applications and working with industry professionals to fulfill their needs, it was a very strategic partnership. Thanks to him, Wavebid now has yet another amazing tool for the auction industry.


So, if you haven’t tried Appraisal Builder Pro yet, you really should get in touch with a representative. We know, we know, it’s not up to us to tell you how to run your business – but if we can save you time and labor costs, why wouldn’t you want to check out ABP?? For example, look at these time-saving features:

Drag-and-Drop Appraisal Builder with Customizable Sections


With ABP, you can build an appraisal framework from scratch, or modify an existing framework to suit your specific needs. You can manage the entire appraisal process from start to finish, while customizing your personal property appraisal reports in order to meet special requirements. The report generation tools give the appraiser complete flexibility.

The key to a quality appraisal starts with a strong appraisal report that is both USPAP compliant, while providing a comprehensive narrative. That’s why our drag-and-drop appraisal builder does not offer the ability to create traditional templates. Instead,  it is a service with multiple sections to choose from. This allows you to pick and choose what is necessary to include in your report. The report is generated by answering a series of questions, selecting options, and writing dialog. The tool uses this information, along with the inputted inventory, to create a report that is unique each time.  




Another key feature of ABP is the ability to document your work. With ABP,  you can generate a digital workfile that contains supporting documentation for your report.  Simply put,  ABP will help keep your work organized. It will help you with records-keeping.

How does this work? ABP allows you to include personal notes for each item. These notes will not become part of the generated report. You can also exclude photos from the photo appendix, but keep them on file for your records. You can store a PDF file with any item. You can even paste in a screenshot to allow you to compare items within your workfile. Best of all, since ABP is cloud-based, your workfile is automatically backed up on a secure server. Because of this,  you can access your information whenever and wherever you need.



Photos Automatically Associate to Correct Descriptions

At the core of ABP is the cataloging software that streamlines the inventory process. Multiple photos are automatically associated with the correct descriptions.  This means that you, the user, does not need to do any photo renaming or resizing. Additionally, you are also able to catalog using phones and tablets with our mobile app.  What an immense time-saver!

 You can also view the descriptions associated with the photos in a variety of different ways. You can even interact with your photos while you finalize your descriptions. On the inventory preview page, you can check for missing photos and review your work in seconds . All of these features were created in order to save you time, and improve accuracy.




Concluding Thoughts about ABP

It simply wouldn’t be possible to list all the features available in ABP (well, without boring the reader of this blog). If you’re curious about what ABP can specifically do for you, get in touch with us! We’ll be more than happy to do a consultation with you. We’ll look at what your business needs. We can also talk about pricing. Or, if you already have ABP, and this tutorial just made you want to delve into all the features right away, check out the Wavebid Zendesk!