C&S_2016_color_datesThere are many reasons to stop by the Wavebid booth at Conference & Show 2016. Not only is it a great opportunity to meet the Wavebid and Auction Services team, but there is also a lot that we have to offer.


Free SEO Reports

We are offering auction companies is a free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) report. This report will help you review the standards for proper search engine optimization. You will walk away with a packet of information that will give you an idea of some simple fixes that you can apply to your website and social media platforms that help optimize your searchability.


Learn  How a Cloud-Based Solution can Benefit Your Company

Wavebid is a cloud-based auction management software that focuses on giving you unlimited flexibility with your business. There are tools that can benefit any type of auctioneer and can supplement any workflow. Stop by the booth to speak with members of our team and see if it can benefit you too!


Find New Ways to Market Your Auction

At Auction Services we focus on marketing your auctions in new and engaging ways that can draw in a larger audience. We specialize in running Advertisements that put your dollars into ads that don’t just capture views, but capture buyers. We can also build custom landing pages that are designed to promote a single event and give your prospective buyers the information they need to influence their buying decision. We leverage analytics to isolate the marketing efforts that draw your highest bidders.


Start a Free Trial of Appraisal Builder Pro

Wavebid has recently released Appraisal Builder Pro, the revolutionary tool that streamlines the appraisal process. Come by the booth to see how our tools can help you and get started with a 30 day free trial.


Converse with Nerds and Auction Buffs

Our company is comprised of auction buffs and nerds. Between the two there are many things that we can either chat about or offer advice on. If you have any questions that you think a nerd may be able to answer or a question about something particular to the auction realm of things, feel free to swing by the booth and have a chat.


We look forward to seeing all of you in Grand Rapids.  Safe Travels!