Wavebid introduces a first of its kind software to streamline the personal property appraisal process. Appraisal Builder Pro allows professional appraisers to modernize their valuation process and generate professional reports in less time while remaining complaint with USPAP guidelines. The cloud based software targets three main areas within the valuation process: data collection, report assembly, and work file accumulation. The system also serves as a searchable database for previously valued items, making research faster and more accurate.

This the Lot-By-Photo page for building personal property appraisals on Appraisal Builder Pro.

The Lot-By-Photo page offers tools for managing content and descriptions while building personal property appraisals on Appraisal Builder Pro.

Personal property appraisals include everything from household items to heavy equipment and machinery. Data management can be cumbersome on larger projects. ABP tools create an environment where asset management is simple and convenient. Photographs can be automatically matched with the corresponding descriptions. 350 templates are included or you can create your own to ensure consistency within the item descriptions. Inventory can easily be searched and updated in seconds. The inventory is centralized in the cloud and can be accessed by multiple appraisers at the same time, even when they are in different locations.

Building the final report is as much art as it is science. Creating a meaningful narrative that is understandable to the intended user and fulfills the USPAP guidelines takes a keen understanding and a high level of training. ABP is designed to leverage that experience and training by making it faster to assemble the final report. ABP is not a template. Instead each project starts with a framework and only after the appraiser adds or selects the necessary details can the report be generated. This structure allows for total flexibility and customization for every report but saves time by organizing the necessary information. The framework can be customized to fit the needs of each appraiser and easily adjusted for each appraisal report.

An appraiser’s work file is as important as the report itself. A highly organized file will save time and add credibility if the work is ever reviewed. ABP has tools to create and maintain a digital work file for reach project. Unpublished notes can be entered for each item. Photos can be included for an item but not included in the final report. Users can even take screen captures of comparable items and save them with each item. This reduces the cost to print and maintain work files, and makes retrieval fast and easy.

Appraisal Builder Pro was designed to give professional appraisers a tool to generate high quality reports in less time. This was achieved by creating a software system where assets are easily managed and the report itself can be easily created and customized for each project.

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