Get a Professional email address


Your email address may say more about you and your business than you think.  It’s a small detail, but an important one.  Your credibility and professional image hinges on this little string of characters.  For example: is failing in a number of ways.  Let’s examine how…


Firstly, “bigdaddy” may have a certain comical charm, perhaps it’s an inside joke or a term of endearment with family and friends, but to the unknowing recipient or sender it says, “I don’t take myself or my business seriously.”  This could be the difference in booking a sale or not.


Secondly, unless your company is hotmail, you’re missing a branding opportunity and creating an air of unprofessionalism.  Your business name should be in the address.  Otherwise it appears as though you are under-established, just using a personal email, maybe even working out of your mother’s garage.  Don’t let your audience make snap judgements based on something so small and simple.  


Furthermore, a truly established business has a website, and so they will have a domain to which they can attach emails.  For example:  Here we have a simple, basic email address for a professional.  Who?  John Doe.  Business? Pro Auctions.  Also, the website is right there in the address.  Should your correspondent want to check out your business, they know exactly where to go.


Need a domain name?  There are many resources. They can be purchased at for roughly $10 a year.  This is an extremely small price to pay for professionalism.  Need a website?  There are tools and services which can be found on the web, or else contact  Auction Services specializes in website design and management for auctioneers, and has served the industry for decades.


A bad email address is an easy oversight, unfortunately it can have grave consequences.  Don’t be a victim of your own devices, make sure your email address tells your audience that you are a professional, your are well-established, and you deserve their business.