smallappMobile Cataloging represents the next major turning point for the entire auction industry.  Mobile cataloging allows for near real time data transfer from almost anywhere.  This means a photo of an item can be viewed on a screen in seconds, or an item can be added to an online catalog using only a mobile phone.  By reducing the time and effort necessary to catalog items through mobile cataloging, productivity soars and new avenues for selling emerge.

Using mobile technology you can meet with a seller, sign a contract and have their items listed on your website and bidding platform before you return to your vehicle. Picture a process where you can approach a property, take photos, fill out a template with the property details and everyone in your office can have instant access to that information.  Everything remains organized and all the details are complete before you leave the property.

Using mobile cataloging you can easily add additional photos to an existing lot or update an incomplete description and update the auction using only your phone.

Mobile cataloging enables you to enter every piece of inventory as it enters your yard or building.  After unloading when the seller goes to sign the auction contract, the schedule A containing the inventory has already been produced.  The descriptions and reserves can be reviewed and the information is never misplaced or forgotten.

Using mobile cataloging at an uncataloged (on the fly) live auction, a ring man can take a photo of a lot right before it comes up for sale.  The resulting photos are on display on screens as fast as the auctioneer can sell!  Bidders can now see exactly what is being sold; this is especially powerful when selling small items like jewelry and coins.small mobile 2

Almost anyone can quickly learn mobile cataloging. There is no learning curve common to Windows based software.  Applications (“apps”) do not require training sessions or manuals; they are intuitive and simple to use.  People with a great amount of knowledge but limited computer experience can effectively catalog auction items.

Using mobile cataloging a seller can completely catalog their own items then an auctioneer can add those items into a consignment sale.

With mobile cataloging all the auction data is stored in the cloud in one central location.  There are no servers to maintain, or photos to go searching for.  Everything starts in the correct place so nothing is lost.

Mobile cataloging promotes teamwork, as data can be accessed by whoever needs it and multiple people can contribute to an auction catalog at the same time.

Using mobile cataloging you can use your iPad or tablet to build an auction catalog, simplifying what used to be a more cumbersome process.

small mobile 3Mobile cataloging frees an auctioneer from the burdensome process of building an auction catalog in a Windows program.  Cataloging can be done virtually anywhere by anyone.  The impact of easily taking multiple photos onsite and having extra time to market key items has a noticeable impact on the industry.  The removal of technology barriers will allow true experts of merchandise to serve as efficient catalogers.  Ultimately everyone wins. The auctioneer can work faster and better, buyers get more details and lead time, and sellers get a higher return based on additional interest from buyers.   Mobile technology is unavoidable these days, the best bet for every auctioneer is to learn how to best use the technology to serve their business needs and goals.

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