Mobile cataloging allows auctioneers to photograph and display on screens every item being sold in close to real time.



Using a mobile device like a phone or tablet, auction staff can wirelessly transmit photos and descriptions. This means auctioneers can now project the item being sold even in un-cataloged auctions.  This enables the crowd to know exactly what is being sold and permits them to visually inspect and engage with each item.  Holding up a handful of postcards or a coin during a live auction does not have the same impact of a large screen showing the facets of each piece of merchandise.  Getting an emotional response is much easier using a large visual cue.  Using mobile technology a ring man can easily photograph 150 lots per hour.  Your buyers will be more engaged and your prices will be higher.

Mobile Cataloging Addresses the Three Biggest Problems Facing Live Auctions:

1) The live auction audience is getting older
Between television, video games, computers, and tablets, younger people are more distracted today than ever before (myself included).  In reality many younger people are interested in what we are selling they just get bored with the live auction process.  Providing visual stimulation by taking multiple photos of each item will help attract a younger crowd and keep them at the auctions longer.  Younger people also tend to search for things online.  Having an auction catalog with photos on your website will help attract a younger audience to your auctions.

2) Buyers are busier than ever with their “lives”
Planning to attend an auction is a large time commitment for many people.  More and more people want to know what will be sold to ensure there are items they are interested in before they commit to attending what are often several hours long auctions.  Using mobile cataloging, auctioneers can provide photos and descriptions of items for sale on their website at incredible speed.  This ensures the people at the auction know what is being sold and have a genuine interest in making purchases prior to attending the auction.

3) Buyers need information to feel comfortable buying
Selling items on the fly is efficient, but if you have a large crowd it is very difficult for people to really know what you are selling, let alone make an emotional connection with it.  By showing the item on a screen or letting the customer view it on their iPad, you give them the ability to truly understand what is being sold.