Wavebid is used by a variety of auctioneers and for all types of auctions; live, online, and simulcast. In this blog we wanted to take a look at how our tools work for auctioneers who do online-only sales.   The Proposal Wavebid’s Proposal Builder tool allows an auctioneer to quickly and […]

Online Auctions with Wavebid

Wavebid is used by many auctioneers in many different ways. Sometimes it is for a strictly live sale, sometimes an online sale, and sometimes both. Today we wanted to put a spotlight on a few  of the features we have built to make simulcast auctions go as smoothly as possible […]

How To Simulcast with Wavebid

I’d definitely say that working in the auction industry comes with a few perks. One of those is the opportunity to travel all over the country. Whether I am going to a convention, or a client’s auction, I am often on the go. It is absolutely necessary for me to […]

Airplanes and Auction Software

As a company, we have two main passions here at Wavebid: technology, and using technology to support people in the auction industry. Hey, it might be a fairly specific passion, but it’s what keeps us going. Those dual passions are what led us to creating Appraisal Builder Pro (ABP) back […]

How to Save Time and Money with ABP

  We are super excited for the Conference and Show next week in Columbus, Ohio! This is the time of year when we get to show off our latest tools, chat with old friends, and make new ones. We want to see everyone stop by the Wavebid booth because we […]

Come See us at #NAACS17!

An image of a keyword cloud with black and white text showing examples of how to market for your target audience.
Keywords are powerful tools that an auction company can use in order to generate more organic digital traffic. They are specific phrases that you establish that will allow search engines to rank your business higher and more visibly when search results are returned. Generating a keyword cloud and strategically implementing it into the […]

Quick Tips for Generating Keyword Clouds

Left to right, an image of a black professional camera, a portable tablet with keyboard, and a green plant. A pen and a pair of glasses are in front of the tablet.
This week, the Wavebid staff takes stock of the latest consumer technology trends. The quest: decide how a sampling of these technologies are applicable to the auction industry. Take note! Introduction The longer technology exists, the more it evolves at an accelerated rate. In fact, there are many formulas and laws […]

Consumer Technology Trends & the Auction Industry

An image of a coffee cup, a pen, a mouse pad, and notepaper.
Any experienced auctioneer will tell you that the best way to make a seller happy is to solve their problem. No one likes to be concerned. This is especially true when it comes to the money question, and that tension that can happen when you and your seller start talking […]

Understanding How to Effectively Use Three Commission Types

Image of an internet search engine with the words "Search Engine Optimization" under a magnifying glass
Right now, people are looking for auctions like yours – but they can’t find you.   Let’s do an experiment. Open up an ‘incognito window’ in your browser. Do a Google search for an auction business that is similar to your own. Type “farm equipment auction North Dakota,” or “estate […]

How to Use SEO as Auctioneers

Last week, as part of our Wavebid blog series, we briefly discussed one aspect of auctioneer technology: photo college editors. We delved into the difference between applications within the Mac App Store, an iPhone service, and Google Play, an Android service. Although we didn’t rank either one as better than the […]

Auctioneer Technology and Androids vs iPhones