We at Wavebid know that mobile technology is not only helpful for businesses, it is critical. Fluid communication, easy content sharing, and reduced redundancy are crucial components of what makes a business successful. For these reasons, Wavebid strives to offer auctioneers the latest technology. Most recently we have built a […]

The latest tool for auction cataloging: Wavebid Mobile Cataloging App ...

We reached out to our Wavebid users and asked them about their more technical questions. For the next several weeks, we’ll be reviewing the responses we sharing our solutions and thoughts. If you have a question for us, you can submit yours here!   Doug Macon of Macon Brothers Auctioneers […]

Ask a Wavebid Rep: Sales Tax

Before cloud-based software became ubiquitous in the business place, document templates saved on your computer were somewhat of a necessary evil. But then along came Dropbox and Google Docs, revolutionizing the way that businesses organize and share information within the company. Standing on the backs of those giants, Wavebid offers […]

Are you wasting time with document creation? We have ...

As auctioneers we represent the interests of our sellers.  An experienced auctioneer understands that this duty extends beyond selling price.  We would never want to create future complications for our seller simply to get a few more dollars at the auction.  Today more than ever, personal information is a sought-after […]

Is it reckless to sell used computers at auction?

In my line of work I deal with problems.  In fact that is precisely what I am paid to do at Wavebid; manage and resolve incoming support issues from our clients.  This can be a rewarding position, hearing the relief and gratitude from the customer on the other end of […]

A Letter from Jeremy Hamel

There are many reasons to stop by the Wavebid booth at Conference & Show 2016. Not only is it a great opportunity to meet the Wavebid and Auction Services team, but there is also a lot that we have to offer.   Free SEO Reports We are offering auction companies […]

Why you should stop by the Wavebid booth at Conference ...

Much of the auction industry is comprised of a tight-knit community of auctioneering veterans, their friends, and their friends’ friends.  This is what makes it such a socially rich culture, steeped in tradition.  These traditions are passed to new generations via family, educational institutions and auctioneers associations.  While this torch […]

Using online resources to draw a younger demographic

For whatever reason, Wavebid just hired a couple recent grads who majored in philosophy.  They’re practically worthless, or so we first thought.  Having very little experience with the auction industry we expected a drawn out orientation period.  It soon became obvious that they learn quickly, and have wonderful minds for […]

Aristotle has some advice for auctioneers . . .

These days there is an expectation that information and content be available at a moments notice, just by picking up a mobile phone or tablet.  It has become crucial that businesses both make themselves available on these devices, as well as utilize the technology themselves in order to stay current […]

Are You Mobile Friendly?

At an event last month I came face to face with a 1970’s manual credit card imprinting machine which was being used to inscribe the raised letters of my credit card onto a receipt.  I was both puzzled why someone would use technology that was being replaced when I was […]

Do handwritten documents make you look outdated?